How our patients feel about our service means the world to us! HERE ARE A handful of encouraging and kind words from our clients.



“I had a traumatic labor and delivery and was suffering several postpartum health complications (still 6 months later), was experiencing chronic pain, and in turn was suffering from PTSD/depression after battling these issues for so long without proper care. Meeting Stacia was truly the start of my recovery journey. She helped me find the proper medical care and team of doctors that have been so incredibly supportive and helpful in my recovery. She has advocated for me, cheered me on every step of the way, and lifted and empowered me when it felt like I couldn’t carry on. I am so grateful for this team and practice and all the wonderful things they are doing for mamas out there.”


“The connection, advice, help, direction! I feel like Stacia is helping me live my best life and feel back to 100% me. And she is such a cheerleader!”

“I am a recent new patient at PCCI and I already can't say enough about my experiences so far with the PCCI team. Stacia and Sarah are wonderful and caring providers who really put us mamas first. They take the time to listen to your concerns, they are approachable and easy to talk to and are also very responsive. Postpartum care is missing in our country and this team has figured out a way to reach as many women as they can and they are doing it with compassion. I would recommend this clinic to all PP mamas!”


"I can’t thank Stacia and her team enough! PPCI helped me by teaching me to navigate post-partum and all the ups and downs it brings. PPA and rage isn’t talked about much, but PPCI digs deep into the different symptoms and how you can overcome them. The 1 on 1 video chats really helps personalize the help that I needed. It’s a 100% judgement free zone. I have truly formed great relationships within the PPCI community. It genuinely is mamas helping mamas!”


"I was lost, I was alone. I felt out of control. I was getting no help from my OB office. In fact, I was turned away for a much-needed visit from my OBGYN because of a billing issue. I was refused care when I needed it the most. Without Postpartum Care of Indiana, I am not sure I would be able to manage life right now. I am still struggling, still juggling life as a working mama, a mama of 2, and a mama with postpartum rage and OCD, but at least now, I don't feel alone in this. I know I have the support I need. Thank you!”


“Stacia has changed my life! After a friend suggested I reach out, I finally did and it may be the best decision I have ever done. I was experiencing postpartum depression 2.5 years postpartum. I am a first-time mom, and I can tell you, postpartum completely rocked me. I felt so alone, so isolated, and had literally no support. PPCI changed everything. Not only do they provide exceptional care, but they educate as to why they are doing what they are doing, so we can take what we have learned and apply it to every aspect of our life. The staff just gets it. Truly changing the postpartum world! Thank you!"


 "I've loved the whole-body approach. My emotional and mental state have improved so much, but so are my spiritual and physical aspects. I’m not only a better mom now, but a better wife, friend, coworker, daughter, etc.”


Being able to connect with so many different women on several different platforms is such a blessing.
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