your new postpartum friend!


I’ve been a nurse and nurse practitioner for a total of 13 years, and I thought I would be equipped to handle my first born and postpartum journey–I was so wrong! Nothing was what I thought it would be, from labor to breastfeeding to postpartum–everything was SO hard! Even though I have a loving, present, and supportive husband, I was overwhelmed and quickly felt alone and uncertain about everything. I then realized postpartum care and support was severely lacking, so I decided to change that!

Everyone says “it all comes naturally.” But the reality is, that’s not always the case. Basic care for yourself, all the feelings associated with postpartum, lack of sleep, nutrients, companionship–it’s a lot, it can be overwhelming, and through it all, mamas need help and support. I’m here to help. This is ALL ABOUT MAMA!

But what about YOU, mama? what about your well-being? your sleep? your desires? your empowerment? 

Postpartum can feel overwhelming, especially when it feels like every single physical, mental, and emotional aspect of your life is going to that precious baby.  

- Chelsea Shippy

“In January of 2022, Stacia saved my life. I was 5 days postpartum when I reached out to Stacia for advice. My lower legs were extremely swollen, and my blood pressure was 165/100. She took one look at my legs and told me to call my OB immediately. She also forewarned me that I would be going straight to the ER. 

It was a Saturday night, and I was scared I’d be separated from my newborn baby if I went to the ER. I was hesitant to go after my OB told me to come in. If it wasn’t for Stacia’s knowledge and persistence, I wouldn’t be here today.

I went to the ER, and within 12 hours of being there, I had coded, was intubated, and then life-lined downtown to the new OB ICU at Riley Children’s hospital. I spent a week in the ICU where I recovered from Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. I wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t go to the ER immediately.

I have no words to express how thankful I am for Stacia. Because of her, I’m able to be Cooper’s mom and Tyler’s wife here on Earth. Please reach out to Stacia for all of your postpartum needs. You never know, she may save your life with the knowledge and education she can give you and your family! Thank you!”

It all started after one of my best friends catastrophic postpartum journey